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Komori Enthrone 429 2010 on 29 Mios (2010)
Ref.No: 52195
Technical Conditions 
Sheetfed offset machine
Year 2010
75 x 53 cm (29 x 20 inch)
Current State:
In production
29 mio
Autoplate, Digital Controls, Touch-screen Control, Autosize, Dryer, CIP
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4 colors
Basic Maximum print speed 13,000 l / h standard.
specification Paper thickness 0,04 - 0,6 mm standard.
Maximum Sheet Format 530 x 750mm Stand.
Minimum sheet size 200 x 280mm standard.
Maximum printable field 520 x 736mm standard.
Plate size 605 x 745mm standard.
Start of Ink: Plaque 45mm / 10mm paper
Size of rubber canvas 678 x 770mm (including aluminum strips) standard.
Pallet Height: Feeder 800mm / 600mm Stand Output.
Specification for polyester liners of molded cylindrical standard.
Plate thickness0.3mm
Diameter of the cylinder Φ220-0.52mm
Thickness of self-adhesive pad 0.10mm
PQC-U control system quality. the stamp with a built-in stand.
Control panel sensitive to touch
Setting the transfer ink shaft interval
Inkjet remote control
Remote control of the ink gates
Remote control of plaque record
Dizman. Managed. diagonal transporter cylinder register
KPD Pre-Ink and Ink Removal Machine
Programming paper thickness standard.
Dizman. manage. fine-tuning the guide of a side mark standard.
High speed start feature.
Self-diagnosis - 1st standard.
Semi-automatic change of plaque standard.
PCC program for transfer of ink profiles.
PDC-LE Pressure Density Control.
Feeder Antistatic bus (ionisation heel) standard.
Side blower standard.
Feed table with vacuum tape stand.
Switch after last sheet of feed table Stand.
Mechanical double-leaf standard detector.
Register Wheel of Guide to Sidebar Stand.
Ultrasonic detector for double sheet standard.
Registration Detector (2-step) Stand.
Cylinders Anticorrosion treatment of molded cylinders.
Anticorrosive treatment of offset cylinder standard.
Anticorrosion treatment of a pressure cylinder.
Gripping function for one-touch standard.
Massive feed roller with stub guide.
Dust Adjustment of the transfer ink shaft interval.
In-dube shaft with self-propelling stand.
Automatically maintain the contact strip of the mast.
Manual setting for mast time. shaft shaft with axial double stator.
Drive shaft of the 4th Ink Shaft.
Anti-fungal shaft B (4-color-2pcs, 5-color-3pcs.) Standard.
Anti-fungal shaft D (4-color-2pcs, 5-color-3pcs.) Standard.
Humidification Continuous Humidification System Commom.
Acceleration of a humidifying shaft shaft.
Back to top movement to a humidifying shaft shaft.
Back to top motion under a humidifying shaft shaft.
Moisture solution level sensor.
Washer Automatic washing of rubber cloth (with pre-woven canvas) standard.
Automat. washing of a pressure cylinder (pre-fabricated canvas) standard.
Automatic cleaning of ink rollers standard.
Output Roller Axes with Roller Output Roller.
Straightening strap mechanism.
Powder Apparatus (TOHO) Stand.
Fans and air nozzles standard.
Platform with wheels.
Safety General Standard Safety Standards.
Other Printing Stationery on Cardboard Stand.
Operational tile with pictograms standard.
PQC monitor with pictograms standard.
Lamp over the stand.
Lifting flaps / grilles standard.
Standard accessories, spare parts and standard tools.
Rubber Rocket Stand.
Bearing for bearings standard.
Operating Instructions. in Bulgarian language, electronic circuits, CDs for parts.
Auxiliary Ink / Moisture. rubber rollers V / W spare, set x 4 standard.
EMC noise filter
Transformer 50 kVA
Kaeser Compressor
Technotrans Moisture solution system
Beil Plate type plate punch
Europe Eastern
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