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Hippographic Trade
offers wide range of services to its clients:

Supply of used printing machines and equipment:

- consulting by the choice of best machines according client’s needs
- supply of printing machines and equipment  
- flexible selling terms
- purchase of clients old equipment

Purchase of used printing equipment:

- Purchase of all types of printing machines and equipment on best prices and guaranteed best terms

Service and logistics:

- servicing of all types of printing machines and equipment from company’s own technical team with over 20 years experience in the maintenance of graphic machinery: prepress equipment, offset printing machines, web machines, flexo, all types of postpress and packaging equipment
- logistics of machines over 20 tons! Our team is equipped with the best equipment for logistics of heavy duty machines and great experience in this field.
- supply of spare parts and consumables

NEW! German made guillotine knives:

German guillotine knives, manufactured by a renown producer.
Comparison of the production life of the blade according to the type of steel with a starting point of a universal blade steel:

NEW! Rollers for offset machines by an ISO certified producer 

Rollers for offset machines that come with cores, no need to return your old cores, 1 year warranty, competitive prices!

Please contact us for further information and offers! 


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